Turkish Fun Facts

Horon – Turkish Folkloric

The horon is a lively folkloric dance from the Black Sea region in Turkey. This dance is performed by men only, dressed in black with silver trimmings. The origin of the horon dances of the Black Sea coast is the ancient koron-horon of pagan worship. This word comes from hur-kor, meaning sun. Researchers have identified over fifty variations on the horon in a single region. The dancers link arms and quiver to the vibrations of the kemence, a primitive type of violin.  These dances demand exceptional speed, agility and skill.  Here is a video of a horon performance.


Anadoglu Atesi – Fire of Anatolia

Fire of Anatolia (Anadolu Ateşi) is a modern theatre group that showcases Turkish folkloric dances and other ethnic regional dances. Fire of Anatolia holds two Guiness records - one for fastest dance performance with 241 steps per minute and another for largest audience, 400,000 people in Ereğli in the Black Sea Region of Turkey.  Here is a link to videos on their official website: http://www.anadoluatesi.com/Page/Videos/?-Atesi and below is an embedded video from their Performance at Eurovision 2004.

Tulay Karaca – Turkish Bellydancer

Tulay Karaca is a Turkish oryantal belly dancer who was famous in the 1980s.  She was known for her revealing costumes that exposed her legs and her relaxed improvisational style with bursts of unexpected kicks, spins and drops. She often performed with live musicians and sometimes served as her own musician by skillfully playing finger cymbals (zil) and dancing without any other musical accompaniment. Here is a video of her performing to live music.