Dunya presents Egyptian Week Aug 13-17, 2012! Show off your knowledge of this fun fact at Hafla on the Hill on Aug 17th during the raffle quiz supporting The Girl Effect.


CNN’s Inside the Middle East featured the evolution of Egypt’s Media after the Egyptian Revolution in 2011. People have broken the ‘fear barrier’ and young people are making an impact as protesters and play an increasingly important role in the media. Egyptian State TV has introduced political debates in lieu of tranquil images of the Nile River. New Internet radio stations have emerged and share revolutionary music and satire to engage with Egyptians in Egypt and abroad. Print press has evolved as they focus more on stories talking about the future and feature the ‘movers and shakers’ – the people – in lieu of celebrities.  It’s been a dynamic and historic time in Egypt. Watch the ‘Inside the Middle East’ video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXF0QaJxnrc