Dunya presents Egyptian Week Aug 13-17, 2012! Show off your knowledge of this fun fact at Hafla on the Hill on Aug 17th during the raffle quiz supporting The Girl Effect.


Baladi as a musical style is Egypt’s urban music of the mid-20th Century.  Egyptian musicians were exposed to a variety of Western instruments such as the accordion, saxophone and trumpet, which gives Baladi its distinct sound.  Baladi music developed with the dance style, which were performed at weddings and social gatherings.  The musical structure consists of samples of melody drawn from folk, classical and Sha’abi styles.  When these parts of melody are connected, they produce a complex improvisation known as ‘Ashra Baladi’. Non-professional dancers performed Ashra Baladi to demonstrate their attractiveness and social status. Famous artists that perform Baladi include: Samir Serour, Samy El Bably, Mustafa Sax, Sheiha, Hassan Abdel Seoud, Sheik Taha, Farouk Salama, and Guy Schalom & the Baladi Blues Ensemble. Dunya presented ‘The Essence of Egypt’ with UK-based Guy Schalom in July 2012 to learn more about Egyptian music and plan to offer a workshop in ‘Ashra Baladi’ in 2012/13. Here is a video of Guy Schalom & the Baladi Blues Ensemble demonstrating a taste of Baladi. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeqMHrul5tU